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Title: Bloodline
Author: Boxxsaltz
Pairing: Yuri/Yoona
Rating: PG-13
Summary: "This is not the fate I wanted."

Part XIII: Awakening

First moon passed until the Archs would arrive. There was a new air about the camp. Giddiness, excitement, nervousness, urgency. Sparring increased, finishing touches to weapons were done, armor was fitted to each warrior.

A great cheer rose up midday, drawing Yuri from her tent. Through camp came the centaurs led by Hyoyeon with Jongin at her side. Others trailed behind them, few Yuri remembered from their stay in Valley Sol. Bitterness and grief struck her upon seeing them. So much death had occurred in the Valley. So much went wrong there, and here she was now having to pretend to be on the side of the ones who murdered her friends.

Up the path, Yuri spotted Seulgi headed her way. She dipped her head in a bow of respect same as the others in camp had begun to do to her since Crow revealed her lineage. Yuri wished Seulgi wouldn’t. She didn’t think she deserved that level of regard just yet.

“I didn’t know they would be fighting with us.”

“The Commander has pulled all of his camps for the battle,” said Seulgi. “We are expecting recruits from the clans in the Red Jungle tomorrow.”

“I thought they wouldn't side with you.”

“Many don’t, but we have supporters from the desert dwellers and many want to see the execution of the Arch Princess.”

Yuri turned to her, stunned. “What do you mean?”

Seulgi frowned, hesitant to reply. “They’ll march the Princess at the front lines and kill her to entice the battle.”

Yuri’s body went cold. She couldn’t let that happen. She wouldn’t. “I need to speak with the Commander.”

“Your training-”

“After. I need to speak with him first.”

Seulgi nodded. “Yifan and I will wait at the woods border.”

Yuri hurried across camp to Crow’s large tent. Rushing inside, she found him seated at the long table with Jonghyun. Heads turned to her and Yuri bowed her head in apology. “I’m sorry to interrupt.”

Crow smiled. “We were just finishing here,” he said, turning back to Jonghyun. “Follow up with Hyoyeon and the others. I’ll come to you soon.”

Standing, Jonghyun bowed. Yuri waited for him to leave before she stepped forward. “Have you found them?”

“My hwaksmen sent report this morning. They have no word on the panther, but it’s believed the human crossed back into Western territory. That is everything I know.”

Yuri pursed her lips. That wasn’t enough. That wasn’t good enough.

“You’re not pleased with me, I can see it.” Standing up, Crow rounded the table to her. Heavy hands fell on her shoulders the same way her father used to do. “I am a man of my word. The moment they are found, you will know. Have trust in me.”

“I do.”

His smile was soft but Yuri could tell that he didn’t fully believe her. “I have set up a party to take you safely away from here on tomorrow's eve. I will send for you once the battle is over.”

Yuri’s brow furrowed. She couldn't run. She needed to be there. She had to be with Yoona until the end. If she let her out of her sights on the day of the battle, she might never see her again. She might lose her. “I want to fight.”

Crow’s eyebrows lifted. “You do?”

“I don’t want to stand on the sidelines anymore. I’ve done that all my life. I’m a warrior, too. Like you said, I have the blood of father in my veins. Let me fight with you. Let me fight for him.”

Crow’s smile was blinding. It reminded Yuri of Jessica the day she returned home from being locked up in the Castle. Warm, full of surprise, and excitement. Her heart ached. For both her family in the East, and unexpectedly, for her brother. She couldn't help but wonder who would she have been if she grew up alongside him. What would it have been like had they met under different circumstances? Who would they be if she didn’t have to kill him? Sadly, Yuri would never know, and oddly, that pained her.

“Wait here,” said Crow.

Yuri watched as he left into another section of the tent and returned with a parcel in hand. It dropped with a heavy sound as Crow placed it onto the table. Yuri knew what it would be before he finished unraveling the last bound and unfolded the flaps.

Out of a black scabbard, he drew a bone sword, long, lean, and jagged. The ivory color had been cleaned and polished so it held a faint sheen. The hilt was crafted out of fine silver and sized perfectly for Yuri’s grip. In the metal was written ‘Little Hare’ in Soothkesh, the south’s language. It reminded Yuri of the one passed down to her from her father. She carried that weapon without knowledge of its value, it’s worth, or the life sacrificed to obtain it. Now, she had one of her own. One she had a hand in making.

Taking it into her grasp, Yuri held the piece firm in her hold. It was light but she knew the blade was strong and nearly indestructible. The beast inside of her leapt, drawn to the power that the sword represented while her human half held sympathy and guilt for the reason it was even in existence. She suddenly remembered something Seulgi said.

/“Does the Eastern King not put an end to those who raise a hand against him?”

Not all death was murder. Some was justice. And justice held the weight all leaders had to bear.

Yuri’s eyes flickered up to Crow’s dull, gray ones. They were very much like hers, but not at all. They were very much alike, but not at all. Like many others, he would meet the justice of a sword and Yuri would be the one to do it.

Sheathing the blade, she slipped the straps of the scabbard across her body. Her back straightened, standing tall to compensate for the new weight on her shoulders. She felt like a true warrior in that moment. She felt worthy of the blade and the task she had to carry out.

“Come,” said Crow, arm slinging around her shoulders. “We’ll go to the outfitters now and have you sized for armors. It is such an honor to march into battle with my sister at my side.”


Voices and music filtered into the hold, loud and celebratory. The pad of footsteps disrupted the choruses as someone walked into the entry hall. Yoona shoulders relaxed when she sensed Yuri’s gentled energy wafting through the chambers and she watched as her shadow shrunk until it was she who stood in front of the cage, silver eyes like stars shining in the darkness.

“Hi,” she greeted.

Yoona returned her smile. "What's happening?"

"They're celebrating before the battle tomorrow,” said Yuri. She sank down to sit on the ground beside the cage. Yoona scooted forward to be closer to her. “Many of the villagers brought food and gifts for the soldiers. Here. You’ll need all your strength."

Yoona took a chunk of bread and meat from Yuri’s hand. She ate it slowly, savoring each bit. For a moment she thought of the fine dining she received in the Palace. How easy things were, how little she had to worry about, how spoiled she truly was, and how little she lived. Eyes casting up, she found Yuri across from her, chewing sloppily. Yoona smiled. It was because of Yuri she had lived.

"You should be out there,” said Yoona as a great cheer rose from outside. The ways of the South were still foreign to her. In the North, they didn’t hold celebrations like this. Their feast were done by rules and regulations and in the finest of dress and protocols to meet.

Yuri looked up, head tilting to the side like a confused pup. "I want to be with you,” she said as if it should’ve been obvious.

Yoona’s stomach fluttered. She felt embarrassed for even suggesting otherwise. “Me, too.” Reaching a hand through the cage, she grabbed for Yuri’s fingers where they threaded together. The memory of the night they shared together, skin melding with skin, and pulses synched with pulses filled her with a raging current. She didn’t want to let go of Yuri. Not now. Not forever.

“How long do we have?” she asked in a whisper as if speaking louder would kill the vibration created between them.

“Until Seulgi comes for me.”

Yoona knew that wouldn’t be very long. Lifting Yuri’s hand, she brushed her fingers across scarred knuckles. “I want you. All of you. Again.”

Yuri’s cheeks turned the color of fire. “We’ll have forever after this.”

Those words sliced into Yoona like ice. "I'm scared,” Yoona admitted. Scared they’d fail, scared she’d be killed, scared Yuri’s words would not hold up. "When I snuck out of the castle to follow you. I didn't have a clue as to what I was walking into. I was being selfish. I only thought of me, of wanting to see the kingdoms and have an adventure. I made Seohyun come with me and unknowingly put us into danger. How different things would be had I obeyed my mother and stayed."

"Do you regret it?"

"At times I did. I acted like the reckless child my mother said I was but I'm not. Not anymore. I learned to stop regretting it. I don’t think this journey was for naught. It's changed me. I see things as they are now and I believe we can change the Kingdom.”

She couldn’t believe how naive she had been. She couldn't believe the ignorance she had been deceived into believing for years. There was nothing to be gained from the secrets and lies surrounding the Kingdoms. There was no prosperity in a world divided. Yoona could see and understand that now and she wanted nothing more than to break from it.

“I thought I was doing something noble when I took on the Queen’s task,” said Yuri with a sardonic laugh. Head leaning against the bars, she stared off into the darkness of the hold, eyes lost in remembering. “To avenge a death and save my sister, it sounded so rewarding. The further we went, the more I found out the truth, I almost wished I could’ve gone back and let the Queen take my life. None of this was what I wanted.”

“And now? What do you think now?”

“I think that I’ve never felt more noble in my entire life. I’ve never known who I was until now. At first, i resented my blood, but now, even knowing my lineage, I feel whole.” Thick lashes fluttered as Yuri turned to look at her and Yoona didn’t think she’d ever seen such confidence and certainty in Yuri than she did in that moment. “I feel whole because I know I can change that legacy. I can be above it.”

Sliding her hand through the bar,s she cupped Yuri’s cheek. “You are a born leader, Kwon Yuri.”

“So are you.” Lips touched at Yoona’s palm in the softest of kisses.

“Yuri?” Seulgi’s voice rang into the hold. Light spilled from a dimly lit lantern that made her blue eyes glitter. “It’s time to go.”

Drawing Yoona as close as she could, she kissed her. The warmth of Yuri’s mouth canceled the fridgeness of the bars that pressed into her face as she tried to get closer, get more. “Stay strong.”

“You, too.” Yoona kissed her once more, deep and warm. “Goodnight.”



On third moon, Yuri was restless.

Crossing the grounds, she found Seulgi's quarters and knocked on the post. She waited, listening to the muffled shuffling from inside until the curtain pulled back on sleepy, sky colored eyes.

“Yuri?” she croaked.

“Let’s train.”

“At this hour?” Seulgi’s eyes blinked fully alert and open. “You should be sleeping. You'll need all your strength-"

“Please.” She couldn't sit still. She couldn’t sleep. All she wanted to do was be with Yoona, but she knew she’d be sleeping by now and she’d hate to wake her. Yuru had no other idea but to dress in her training gear and head out. “One round. That’s all.”

The corner of Seulgi’s mouth lifted slightly in amusement. It wasn’t often she saw Seulgi smile, but when it came to training, she always managed to draw one. “Okay.”

Yuri waited as Seulgi ducked back through the door. She emerged dressed and hair pulled back and high onto her head so the yellow strands in her hair swept across her shoulders as she led the way through the night. Veering away from camp, they headed for the training fields where only the whispers of their swords could be heard to the sleeping soldiers.

Taking one side of the grounds, Seulgi stood opposite her, eyes shining and chin tilted upward. She drew her bone sword from her hip with ease. It was shorter than Yuri's but no less chilling. She knew the power of that blade and the skill of the one who wielded it.

“First one to overtake wins,” said Seulgi.

“Don’t hold back.”

Fangs gleamed in the moonlight as Seulgi flashed a smile.

Yuri attacked.

Feet taking her forward, she rushed for Seulgi, sword held up and ready to strike. Seulgi easily matched her, body moving with the flow and ease of a trained soldier. She seemed to dance with the wind, letting it move her and guide her into each action. It was beautiful to watch and intimidating to go up against, but Yuri held strong.

She recalled what Eunhyuk taught her. What Seohyun taught her. It wasn't much but it was something. It was what they gave her for when the time came and she used it. It pushed her, guided her through determination where skill lacked.

"Call on your senses," Seulgi instructed.

Yuri’s teeth clenched as she tried to stay focused on the slashing blade before her and the wolf inside of her. It was easy to will on her keener senses when she was standing still. It took a lot longer while fighting, but she felt them ease in slowly. First her hearing grew sharper, sharpening the heartbeat in Seulgi's chest and the way the ground crunched beneath their feet. Her eyes grew stronger, bringing the tip of the blade and the sweat on their skin into perspective. Her muscles rippled and she felt her swing land solid and hard against Seulgi's sword. The force shivered through her own bones and she struck again, feeling the intensity of their amped strengths combined. .

Sword meeting air, Yuri wheezed when a blur of white smacked into her, sending her skidding across the ground. Teeth snapped at her from the jaws of a wolf and she swiped out with a clawed hand, smacking Seulgi from on top of her.

Rolling to her stomach, Yuri willed on the change. She was slower than Seulgi, but her pelt burst quicker than it ever had. It ripped through her garments, turning clothes into useless fabrics as think, onyx fur covering took over her skin and bristled down her back. They clashed in a snarling mess of teeth and claws. Fighting like this was dirtier than with a sword. It was more personal, rougher, harsher, primal.

Teeth nipped and claws dug in a clash of black and white. Strong jaws gripped Yuri around the scruff and yanked, throwing her into the dirt. She scratched at the ground, trying to slip over to shield her stomach but Seulgi was fast. She struck, mouth biting loosely onto the soft skin of her belly. If this was a real fight, her entrails would be splattered along the dirt.

She lost.

Pulling back, Seulgi's bones twisted her back into skins. She was panting, sun kissed skin dirty and hair a mess. Yuri was in no better shape. Sweet settled over her skin like a glaze that shimmered in the moonlight.

“How was I?” she asked, sweeping hair from her face.

“Good,” said Seulgi, fangs still elongated. "How do you feel?”

“Better." The restlessness she had felt was replaced with a buzzing hum in her veins. The cool air on her naked skin was calming and she sat up, letting the night sink in with a new sense of ease. “Everything will change after tonight.”

“What will you do as Commander?” asked Seulgi.

Yuri’s eyebrows lifted in surprise. “Me? As Commander?”

“The order of blood is an old law. If the Commander dies, you are the rightful heir. The only way that can be taken from you is if you die yourself or beaten in a challenge to the death.”

Yuri’s insides churned at the last one. “Is there nothing solved without bloodshed?”

“You could see to that change.”

“You trust me to lead them?”

Seulgi’s nod was slow and small but it was there. It filled Yuri with flutters of panic and excitement. She had never thought of herself as a leader. She had always been the one left over, the one not quite part of anything, the one in the background. Thinking of leading a people as her own was terrifying.

“You should be the next commander,” said Yuri.

She knew Seulgi’s story. She had everything taken away from her, enslaved, then put back together into a solider where she had no one other than the man who gave her orders to call a father. Her past was rough, but she had grown strong from it. Strong and compassionate, and understanding where many others may have grown hard, cold, and stone-minded. She had the markings of what made an alpha.

Seulgi shook her head. “I will never challenge you.”

“Then I want you at my side,” said Yuri. Seulgi blinked, taken aback by the declaration. “You trust me, but I wouldn't be half the wolf I am without you. I want you with me. I need you with me.”

Seulgi lifted onto her knees. Hands drawn into tight fists, she crossed her arms over her chest and bowed so her nose touched the dirt. “Ien’eh breh’ev’n.”

“What does that mean?”

“My life and death are yours.” Sitting up, she looked Yuri in the eye. “You will be my Commander and I accept as your second.”


The blast of a horn yanked Yoona from sleep. Opening her eyes, she shrieked when she saw a pair of dark eyes looking at her through the bars of the cage.

Yifan regarded her with an empty expression as he threw her a dress and crown. Yoona didn't need words this time to know what to do. Taking it up, she slipped out of her dirty garments and pulled on the dress. The material was soft and fitted just right. Yoona felt like she was back in the Arch Palace dressed in one of the beautiful gowns tailored perfectly for her. The thought of having a gown fit for a queen flashed through her mind with the blood chilling realization that in order to obtain that she had to rid of the one before her first.

Yoona squeaked as Yifan yanked her from her cage. Shackles slapped onto her wrists and ankles attached to a heavy chain the wolf guard held tight in his grasp.

“My, my, my,” the rumble of that deep voice drew Yoona’s eyes up to find Crow walking into the hold. His fangs showed in a grin as he looked her over. "Pretty, Princess Yoona. Shame you were born as Arch. Someone who faces death with their head held high is someone I would much rather keep at my side."


"Your wolf pup won't be able to save you now."

"She was dead to me the day she vowed to serve at your side."

He chuckled and leaned over to their eyes were level. It was truly alarming how she could see Yuri reflected in those eyes. "It'll be my pleasure to put you out of your misery."

"I didn't know you possessed such kindness. May the gods bless you."

"And may the depths welcome you." Crow turned. "Bring her. "

Gagged placed into her mouth, Yifan jerked hard on the chain. Her eyes burned as she was drawn from the hold and out into the brightness of day. Everything reminded her of the day she was dragged out to witness Seungwan’s execution. The crowd, the drums, the snarls and hisses. It was just the same.

Yoona held her chin up and chest out as insults were hurled at her. Reaching the camps center they stopped. Before her stood Crow. Seulgi and Yuri flanked his sides along with Hyoyeon and Jongin. Yoona caught the former’s eye. The last she saw of the centaur was the day she traded her for gold. There was something different about her now. Something wavering in the energy that surrounded her.

"Sootha'rive!” Crow yelled, snapping Yoona’s attention away from Hyoyeon's statuesque form. “Today we take what is rightfully ours. Today we will mark the start of a new era. Today beast will no longer be seen as scum of the earth but as praised and renown as the gods themselves. Today we take down the Archs and begin our reign. Today, we rise!"

Shouts lifted and Yoona shook where she stood.

“Move!” Yifan snarled at her back.

Yoona tripped over the dress as he shoved her into the procession. They marched, some in furs and scales and feathers while the others trampled on in boots, following a long path out of the camp, across the yards, and into the woods.

In the lead was Crow, his black, leather armor was the image of death, face streaked in black warpaint and gray eyes ablaze with the hunger for blood and the excitement of a fight. Yuri walked along his right, her own black armor draped heavy on her body and bonesword strapped to her back. Yoona’s eyes cut to Crow’s left where Seulgi marched, hand clutching the end of the chain that bound her wrists and ankles.

Yoona stumbled along on bare feet now cut up and bleeding from their trek as they broke from the thicket of trees into a wide, empty expanse of land. The smell of the sea was stronger here, but that wasn’t what struck her. Silver shields of the Arch infantry glistened across the battlegrounds, the sleek, shimmering army just as magnificent and glittering. At the front of the Infantry was the Chancellor perched on a sleek, white horse. Large white flags trimmed in silver waved in the breeze that blew up from the ocean behind them. At the center was a pair of silver wings encased in a circle. Around it was written the Arch’s mantra:

Yelin Oct Arcaengle; Bekeph Oct Pelom.

Its meaning: Children of Archangels, Keepers of peace.

Seeing them standing their, menacing in their armor, Yoona couldn’t find any truth to those words. Not anymore. The Arch’s had strayed so far from who they once were it made even her ashamed.

The march came to a stop meters away from their enemy. Silence took over the air, thick, tense, and foreboding. Yoona felt as if her heartbeat could be heard.

“Commander,” the Chancellor's voice broke the quiet.

Crow broke from the front line, stepping out so he stood on his own amongst them. He bowed his head toward him. “Chancellor Shim, it has been many moons since I’ve seen your face. My, you’ve grown.”

The Chancellor scoffed. “I will not bend to your flattery, Commander. I come with an offer from the Queen.”

“An offer?”

“She is willing to spare you of your demise. Give us the Princess and we will go in peace.”

Yoona knew he was lying - Yuri told her everything about his betrayal. Crow knew it, too. She wondered what plan they had forged together. She wondered when the Chancellor’s facade would break and he would be exposed for the traitor he was.

Crow’s laugh echoed across the field. “My father was wrong to trust you once. I will not do the same.”

The Chancellor’s cheek twitched. “I will only ask you one more time. Give us the Princess.”

“I will make a request, too. Give us the North and we will make an exchange for her freedom.”

“I’d give myself to the Depths before I bend to you, creature.”

“So be it.” Crow turned his back to the Arch’s. His smoky eyes found Yoona’s and she shivered at the chilling mix of menace and joy she found in them. “Come forth, Princess.”

Yoona didn’t move. She couldn't move.

Yifan pushed and Yoona had no choice but to go, closing the distance between them. Terror filled her, sudden and strong. She was out in the open. Exposed. Alone with the Arch infantry leaps away and Yuri further than arm's length behind her. She never felt so naked. She never felt so helpless.

A smile spread on Crow’s lips, twisted and cold. Yoona could feel his energy, heavy and chaotic, as he rounded to stand behind her. Gloved hands dropped heavy onto her shoulders and pressed down, forcing her to kneel in the dirt. She whimpered when rocks cut into her knees.

Yoona stared out before her. All she saw was the gleaming white and silver that had been her life for years. She saw the white and silver that had protected her. She saw the white and silver that had been everything she was and knew.

And then she saw the white of a sword flicker past her eyes and the sharpness of a blade against her throat. She sucked in a breath. Her heart was pounding. The Energy within herself began to buzz, swirling in panic in her stomach.

“For the South!” He yelled.

Yoona felt the sword cut just barely into her skin leaving a red, bloody slash.

She pinched her eyes shut. This was-

“Commander!” Yifan yelled in warning.

Sun gleamed off something sharp and sleek flying through the air. Yoona’s eyes widened, watching as the object pierced through the air, grazed the armor of Crow’s right arm, and stuck the dirt.

Yoona gasped. It was a javelin.

Mutters erupted from both sides. The Arch’s shifted and parted. From the crowd emerged a figure, white cloak draped over their silver armor. Breaking from the front masses, they stepped out into the middle of the field before taking off their hood.


Gold eyes, one decorated with a scar, found Yoona from across the field. Tears sprang to her eyes. She held them back, drawing the strength in Seohyun’s stare into her.

“Ah, look here,” said Crow, amusement in his voice. “My dear, Chancellor, how low do you think of yourself to attack me with this pathetic kitten?”

“Get back in ranks, cat.”

Seohyun ignored the Chancellor’s command. “Let her go,” she demanded to Crow, “or it will not strike generously next time.”

Lowering his sword, Crow straightened out. “You’re making a mistake siding with them. Join with me, Seo Juhyun, and I will turn you into the panther you were never able to embrace under the chains of the North.”

“I belong to no Kingdom but my own. Let the Princess go.”

“I admire your persistance.” Crow stretched out his arm, offering the chain. “Take her.”

Seohyun’s eyes shifted to Yoona before taking a step forward. Yoona wanted to call out to her, tell her not to do it. She would be no safer on the Arch’s side with the traitorous Chancellor than she would on the side of the Beasts.

But she couldn't say anything. Couldn't do anything. All she could do was watch. Watch as the distance between Seohyun and Crow closed. Her shadow cast over Yoona, tall and strong. The waves of her Energy washed through Yoona so familiar. She could feel every bit of what Seohyun felt. Fear, determination, relief, shame, love. Yoona wanted nothing more than to reach out for her. She wanted to wrap Seohyun in her arms. She wanted to touch the scars on her face and tell her it was okay. She couldn't always protect her, but it was okay. She was alive, they both were, and that was all Yoona needed.

“She’s yours,” Crow urged, rattling the chain. Yoona felt something in Crow shift. Something conniving and evil. “I have the Archs right where I want them, her purpose has been served. Take her.”

Seohyun hesitated, unsure gaze cutting down to Yoona. She stared back up at her. Something was wrong. Something wasn’t right.

Reaching out, Seohyun grabbed the chain. “Let’s go home,” she muttered.

Crow moved swift.

Seohyun’s eyes widened as his sword stabbed her through. Blood, dark and red and pure, dripped from the tip that emerged out of her back. She choked, words unable to pass her lips.

Everything in Yoona snapped.

She screamed.

Thunder cracked above.


Yuri gasped.

Crow yelled.

The army around Yuri roared in return, their yells lifting in a deafening sound. Boots thundered and armor clamored as both armies began their advance. Yuri ran with them, blood pumping through her veins. Above it all she could hear Yoona’s cries of agony as she dropped to the ground, trying to crawl for Seohyun’s slain body.

Crow yanked Yoona back. His arm lifted with the sword again.

“No!” Yuri hollered.

A spear stopped his strike and Hyoyeon barreled forward, hooves kicking up dirt in her wake. Using her body as a weapon, she charged into the Commander, knocking him into the dirt. His snarl was drowned out by the sound of metal clashing with metal.

Swords, spears, tooth, and claw clattered in a sickening sound. The tip of a polished sword swiped at Yuri’s face and she ducked. Ramming her shoulder into the Arch’s stomach, she threw him back with the strength of the wolf in her bones. Another strike came and was deflected by the axe of a warrior with the horns of a bull.

“Go!” He ordered.

Yuri slipped away, eyes searching out for-

Something heavy smacked into her. Yuri knocked backward, all the air leaving her in an instant. She gasped it back into her lungs, eyes bulging when she found Hyoyeon lying still on the ground barely breathing. Over her body she found Crow. He sneered, hand sweeping loose, black hair from his bloody face, red with fury. His eyes cut from Yuri to Yoona who slouched over Seohyun’s body. Flicking blood from his sword, he started forward.

“Yoona!” Yuri called.

Black hair fanned out as Yoona whipped around. Her eyes were wide open and entirely white. No color, no pupils, just white. Those white eyes, the color of the lightning ripping through the clouds above, met silver the same time bone hit bone.

“Abha, no!” Seulgi stopped Crow before his strike could hit Yoona. Her arms shook beneath his heavy blow.

“Out of my way!” he snarled.

“This isn’t the way. Spare her, Abha,” Seulgi pleaded. “We need her.”

His sword drew back and stuck again. Seulgi blocked. Their swords clashed together as they fought.

Through fighting bodies, Yuri spotted the Arch Chancellor, his eyes gleaming as he ran for Yoona. Fingers grabbed a fist full of her hair and Yoona shrieked through her gag. Arm throwing out, a burst of white light spirled down her arm and out of her hand. The front of the Chancellor’s armor singed and he dropped to the ground, screaming in agony as he was electrocuted to death.

More bolts of lightning struck the ground, each hit accompanied by a scream from either side. Yuri pushed to her feet and ran, zigzagging across the field to avoid the heavenly strikes. A bolt of lightning exploded in front of her face so close she could feel the electricity it left in the air. Darting another strike, she sprinted.

A sword came for her and she deflected. Snarling against thunder, she conjured the strength of her wolf and struck. Blood splattered the ground as her sword made purchase and drew out of the Arch’s chest. Leaping over him, she continued on, sword swinging out, fighting with teeth lengthen and growls erupting from her chest.

“Ah!” Seulgi cried out as a booted foot connected with her stomach. She flew backward into the dirt. Blue eyes blotched with red from blood pouring from her forehead.

“Seulgi!” Yuri crouched beside her.

“Hurry,” she groaned. “Go.”

Yuri obeyed.

“Crow!” she hollered.

He spun to look at her, face bloody and eyes dark. Swiping blood from his mouth, he grinned from where he stood on Yoona’s other side, chest heaving.

Yuri ran for him.

“Yuri!” Yoona’s voice was the clearest thing in the chaos.

Like a jolt, something rushed into Yuri hard. The swirling energy Yoona possessed swam into her, fueling her every step. Her muscles sang and her body thrummed. She ran, harder than before. She was alive. Fully alive. Electricity thrummed a tangible feeling inside of her chest where her heart beat with a cadence not just her own. She could feel Yoona’s pulse along with hers, solidifying their bond.

Yuri met Crow’s eyes. His teeth bore in his bloody mouth. Yuri bore her own fangs. .

“Esta!” Crow called to her. “End it, Yuri! Kill the princess.”

Yuri’s grip tightened on the hilt. She sprinted. Brushing passed Yoona, she lunged forward.

Crow’s mouth fell open in a silent scream as her sword pierced through a soft spot in his armor, up through his stomach, and into his chest. Betrayal flicked across his face as his blood spilled out, coating her hands.

“It’s done,” Yuri whispered.

With a snarl, she ripped the jagged sword out.

Crow’s body fell to her feet.

And then she couldn't breathe.

Every electrified fiber within her snapped and retracted. The energy once swarming inside of her vanished. Yoona drew out of her until she was left with nothing else. Nothing more.

Thunder cracked a horrendous sound causing the ground beneath her feet to shiver.

Lightning ripped into the earth, striking as deep as the roots.

Every single body crumpled onto the battlefield.

And everything went white.


AN: Hello everyone. It has been a year since I've updated this fic. I made a promise to myself that I will finish it and I will stick to that promise no matter how long it takes! I hope you enjoyed this heavy, action filled chapter. There is only one chapter left of this epic fic. Let me know your feels below. Just hit "reply" to comment. No account necessary. 
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