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Title: In The Land Between
Rating: PG
Pairing: Seulgi/Irene
Summary: Hearts know nothing of man-made walls.

Part III: The Raid

Water sloshed in buckets where they swayed on the ends of a carrying pole rested on Seulgi’s shoulders. Joohyun walked ahead of her with a pail of vegetables and fruits plucked from the woods. The sun was sinking along the horizon, rays spilling between tree limbs like little beams of light. There wasn’t long before the patrols would make their rounds.

“I’ve never had to do this,” said Joohyun once they reached the grove. “We had running water at my home.”

Seulgi helped her shimmy the heavy buckets of water into the den. She lit the lantern and handed the flint to Joohyun so she could start a fire to boil some water. “Only the nobles do here.”

“That’s all?” Joohyun’s lashes fluttered in surprise. “Most have it in Farside but some still prefer the wells.”

Seulgi tried to imagine a place like that. She imagined Farside to be a place of plenty. A place, that even during the war, they could get by and flourish without a problem. It was hard to think those things now that she’d met Joohyun. All those stories she heard about the land across the wall seemed farce now. Joohyun seemed just the same as her.

“I’ve never met anyone from Farside before you,” said Seulgi.

“What do you think of us?”

Seulgi shrugged and placed the pot over the fire. “The same you think about us I guess.”

“What do you think of me?” Her head titled. Fire caught the deep color of her eyes so they shimmered a rich, warm brown. Seulgi found herself staring at them.

“I- I don’t know. You’re nothing like the ones I’ve seen. You’re not like the ones who try to hurt us.”

Joohyun’s face fell. A mix of hurt and frustration wrinkled her brow. “We’re not all like that.”

“Neither are we.”

“I know." Her gentle smile turned eyes into crescents. “Because you’re not.”

Seulgi ducked her head, warmth filling her stomach when Joohyun’s mouth tugged back into a smile. Unlike her dreams of the horrendous people who lived on the other side of the wall, Joohyun’s smile did not turn wicked and morph into that of a monster with dripping mouths full of sharp teeth. In fact, Seulgi thought that Joohyun’s smile was made of the things that made flowers grow.

“What’s it like on Farside?”

“It’s…” Her previous smile evaporated, eyes dropping away to the steam lifting from the pot. “It was beautiful,” she muttered, wistfully. “In the spring, everything was green and the sky was so blue. We were rich. My father was good friends with the Chancellor. They met while studying law and served together as councilmen until Mr. Son became the new Chancellor and appointed my father as his right hand. We would all take trips on the steamboat up the river and have picnics on the deck. His daughter was my best friend. We did everything together.”

“What happened to her?”

Joohyun pulled her knees up to her chest. “I was fourteen when the first bombings happened, but I knew about the war much earlier. I didn’t understand at the time, but what I heard my father talking about scared me. When I told the chancellor’s daughter about it, she said she’d heard things, too. We’d meet and tell each other what we heard. That’s when I knew.”

“Do you remember? Do you remember why it began?”

Her eyes shifted to the worn notebook tucked away in the corner of the den. “Farside was advancing. It had been for many years. That’s why the wall stands.”

Seulgi remembered that bit from her schooling years ago. That Farside and Otherside weren’t always separated. They were once one in the same. But ideas clashed, people sided, and a wall was built. Seulgi was born into a time where animosity was already there, just beneath the surface. In the wake of the first bombing, that hatred surfaced and everything broke apart.

“We took pride in our advancements,” Joohyun continued, “but there are things that we lack. We needed the resources here that we were cut off from to continue to compete with places like Greenplains and Ironcore who put even us to shame.” Joohyun’s expression turned dark, eyebrows knitting together as she stared at the bubbling water. “Chancellor Son saw no other way but to take it by force. He thought Otherside would relent, but you haven’t. My father didn’t agree with him.”

“So he became a spy?” Seulgi dropped food into the boiling water.

Joohyun’s mouth opened to say something, but she stopped and shook her head. “I just know he wanted it to stop. He lost everything because of it. I’m all that’s left and I don’t…” Her voice hitched. Wide, sorrowful eyes lifted to meet Seulgi’s. “I don’t know what to do.”

“We’ll figure something out.” Seulgi wasn’t sure what yet, but she’d do anything to make it so. At least make it simpler for Joohyun here. “The patrols will start soon. I should go. Will you be alright?”

Nodding, Joohyun picked up a yellow moss rose and tucked it behind Seulgi's ear. “I’ve found a new way not to be scared.”

Seulgi shivered as fingers brushed along the shell of her ear down along the back of her neck. She swallowed. “What?”

“Thinking of you,” Joohyun confessed. Seulgi’s chest erupted in heat. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Seulgi smiled. She no longer felt a sense of worry that Joohyun would be gone when she said it. “See you tomorrow.”


Heads swiveled toward Seulgi in surprise when she made it through the door of the tavern, burlap sack of dirty clothes she promised to wash for Joohyun slung over her shoulder.

“Where were you?” asked Yerim. Her jaw tightened when she saw the bag.

“In the market,” she lied, eyes on Jongin who stood up in uniform. “Congratulations.”

“Thank you.” He smiled proudly, hand combing back his sleek hair. “I was lucky. They accepted me on sight.”

“But your father-”

“He has help.”

Seulgi pursed her lips. “Why are you here?”

“I came to speak with your mother’s,” he said, happily. “I was just telling Yerim, the construction on the bloc is almost complete. You’ll be able to move back in by the end of the week.”

Seulgi looked to Yerim. “Really?”

“The shelters are so overcrowded that they’ve doubled all building efforts.”

Excitement bubbled in Seulgi’s gut. “We should probably start packing.”

The door opened to her mother with Youngsoo clutching her hand. His eyes widened in astonishment when he saw Jongin. Seulgi bristled. He was too young at the time to remember. Just a baby, he would never know the pain it brought Seulgi to watch her father walk out the door dressed in that uniform with the same, proud smile on his face.

At the time, Seulgi thought he was leaving to do something great. Even if it would be a long time before she’d see him again, she had faith in him. That he’d defeat all of Farside. But now, after meeting Joohyun, listening to her stories, seeing the way hatred had seeped into Jongin, Seulgi felt nothing but misfortune and sadness.

“I’m about to start dinner,” said her mother. “You’re free to stay, Jongin. I hear you have good news for me.”

“I do. Thank you, Miss Kang.”

“I’m going to the well,” said Seulgi. She didn't want to be inside with them anymore.

Jongin grabbed his hat. “I’ll come with you.”

“I can do it.”

“I’ll help,” Jongin pressed.

Seulgi glanced back at Yerim who looked away. She wondered what else Jongin was there for. What had they been talking about before she arrived?

“Okay,” Seulgi gave in. “The buckets are in the back.”

The walk to the well was silent. Seulgi crouched to place the bucket beneath the spigot while Jongin pumped. Water rushed out in a cool stream, loud as it struck the bottom.

“You’re angry with me.”

Seulgi shrugged. “You shouldn’t have to fight.”

“We shouldn’t have to suffer.”

“Neither should they.”

“They’re the reason why we live this way. They deserve to bleed. Every single one of them.”

“You don’t really think that.” She stood up to face him. Jongin looked away and Seulgi felt her heart break. “You believe every Farsider is evil? You believe they all want and support this?”

“I don’t have a reason to think otherwise.”

“What if you did?”

He shrugged.


“You’ve never been to Row,” he bit. There was a small, red pin attached to Jongin’s uniform that she hadn’t seen before. It was what every soldier was given for their first kill. The day he marched that man down to his death branded him forever. “Those parasites will say and do anything to keep their lives. Innocent or not, we can’t let them go. If we do, they’ll go back. They’ll tell the others about how we imprisoned them, tortured them. They’ll use that as another excuse to bomb us into the ground. You can’t bargain with them, Seulgi. We have too much to lose and we’ve already lost so much. You have already lost so much.”

Seulgi’s jaw flexed. She knew that. She knew all of that, but she did not believe this was the only way. What happened to compassion? To honoring the truth? To finding the good even in the bleakest of times? She could see all of that had already faded from Jongin’s eyes that now held shadows that hadn’t been there before.

She wondered if her father had started thinking like this, too. Had the uniform changed him? Had the bloodshed turned him from the honorable, honest man she adored? Seulgi didn’t want to think about it. He was gone, probably never coming back, and that might’ve been better than to know for certain.

“It’s dark,” she muttered, picking up the bucket. “Watch your footing on the way back.”


Seulgi dressed quietly as to not wake Yerim who was asleep on a cot in their shared room. Hushed whispers of their mothers speaking in the main room filtered down the hall. Seulgi could only make out pieces of it.

Taking up her lantern, Seulgi started for the door.

“Where are you going?”

She froze. Yerim sat up, hair messy and eyes drooped with sleep. There was no use lying to her. “To see Joohyun.”

She blinked, suddenly fully awake “Seulgi, don’t.”

“I’ll be careful.”

“I know, but you can’t go back there.”

“Why not?” Yerim bit her lip and Seulgi narrowed her eyes. “What is it?”

“When I was coming home from the sick house earlier, I saw Jongin. He was with some of the other soldiers and he offered to walk me to the tavern. He told me about some of the things going on. Like where they’re planning to strike next and the new artillery coming in. I didn’t care anything of it, but he mentioned a girl.”


“A girl from Farside,” Yerim whispered. Ice slithered through Seulgi’s body and her heart lifted into her throat. “He didn’t say much, and I didn’t want to ask, but the commander has everyone specifically keeping a lookout for a girl from Farside. I wanted to tell you earlier but I never got the chance.”

“Could that be Joohyun?”

“I don’t know, but you said she was the daughter of an aristocrat? That means she’s important, right?” Seulgi stilled. She was more than that. She was the daughter of the Chief Secretary. A direct tie to the Chancellor. “Even if it isn’t her, they’ll kill her.”

“Maybe they’ll take her in.”

“We both know what happens when you’re taken in.” You were imprisoned. Then questioned. Then marched to row. But that hadn’t happened yet. “Seulgi, please,” Yerim pleaded. “I’m trying to help you.”

“And I’m trying to help her.”

Yerim frowned. When she had nothing more to say, Seulgi started for the door.

“Wait.” Yerim grabbed onto her. “I’m coming with you.”


They waited for morning.

“What if someone sees us out there?”

“I've been doing this for weeks. No one's come.” Seulgi turned back to Yerim. There was a worried crease in her forehead. “If you're too scared-”

“I'm not scared!”

Seulgi smiled. “Come on.” They made it out the door.

“Where are you going?” asked her mother who swept the dusty porch. Youngsoo sat on the ground beside her playing with a pair of socks on his hands like puppets.

“To rent a cart from the market for moving.”

“Hurry back. We need to pack up soon.”

Nodding, Seulgi hurried across the lot with Yerim on her heels. They veered off the road and into the trees as soon as they were out of eyesight and skipped their way through the trees until they were covered by the dense thicket and slowed down.

“It’s strange,” said Yerim as they passed the sunken footbridge.


“That she’s been out here so long.”

“She didn’t have anywhere else to go.”

“There are other towns, Seul. One’s we aren’t at war with.”

Seulgi's brow creased. She hadn't stopped to think about it.

Breaking through the trees, they entered the grove. It was quiet. "Wait here," said Seulgi. She left Yerim at a tree and walked to the den. "Joohyun?" she called inside. No answer.

Looking up at the sky, the noted the time. She was later than normal. Joohyun probably thought she wasn't coming.


She spun around to find Joohyun coming up through the brush with a basket in hand. A smile lit up her face and Seulgi echoed it as Joohyun placed her things aside and wrapped her arms around her waist. Seulgi hugged her back, arms tight around her neck.


"I didn't think you were coming," said Joohyun breaking the hug. Seulgi missed her warmth.

“I want you to meet someone.” Seulgi turned around and beckoned Yerim over. Joohyun gasped and ducked behind Seulgi when Yerim stepped from behind a tree. “It’s okay,” she whispered back to Joohyun. “She’s my friend.”

Yerim stood tall, lips pursing when Seulgi motioned for her to introduce herself. “Hello.”


“I’m Yerim.”


Yerim’s nose wrinkled at the distinct color in her accent. “You are a Farsider.”

“It’s pleasure to meet you.” Joohyun offered her hand.

Yerim regarded it but didn’t take it. “You, too.” She turned to Seulgi. “Now what?”

"Can we help with folding?"


Making place to sit amongst the flowers, Seulgi helped divide the laundry up for the three of them. It was strange having Yerim with them. There was a new sort of tension in the air. Joohyun hardly looked at her and Yerim kept her eyes on the task at hand, folding one garment and putting it aside for another.

Seulgi wanted to break the unease. “What do-”

"Why haven't you tried to go back?" asked Yerim, interrupting her.

Joohyun’s head picked up after a moment realizing the question was directed at her. “I’d be arrested if I did.”

Yerim’s interests piqued. "What did you do?"

"It wasn't me. It was my father. For treason."

"What sort?"

"Yerim,” Seulgi hissed, warningly.

"What? I'm curious and you haven't told me anything." She turned back to Joohyun. "What was so important to commit treason for?”

"The war ending."

Yerim scoffed. "You expect me to believe that?"

"I know how much my people have hurt you-”

"Do you?”

Seulgi had enough. "Yerim, stop."

Joohyun shook her head, soft smile stretching on her lips to comfort Seulgi. "It's okay. It's only fair."

"If you want to be fair, you can pack up and leave here. Compromising us is just as bad as you shooting at us."

"You don't-" Seulgi stopped. The sound of footsteps crackled through the trees. “Get inside. Now. Take the clothes.”

Getting up, Joohyun ran toward for the den. A uniformed patroller emerged from the shadows just as she made it inside. His head swiveled, looking one way than the other before falling on Seulgi and Yerim sitting in the middle of the grove.

“You there.”

Seulgi stood up to face the patroller. “Yes?”

“What are you doing out here?”

“Gathering moss rose for my mother.” She lifted her satchel to show the ends of stems sticking out from the closing flap.

His eyes narrowed. “To whom do you belong?”

She gave both her parent’s names. The knit in the patroller’s brow smoothed out. “The woodcutter’s daughter?”

“Yes, sir. My mother uses these to make medicines for the wounded and sick.”

“And you?” he looked to Yerim.

“I work in the sick houses. We’re low on herbs, so I came to help with the gathering.”

He nodded, eyes examining the both of them before they shifted across the grove toward the den. Seulgi prayed to whoever that the overgrown earth shielded the entrance to the den enough.

“It’s dangerous,” he said, turning back to them. “You shouldn’t be out here alone.”

“We won’t be long,” Seulgi assured. “I promise.”

“Carry on. If you see anything, report it immediately.”

“Yes, sir.”

“We should go,” Yerim whispered.

Seulgi watched the patroller’s back as he walked deeper into the woods and stopped. He wasn’t going to leave until they did. “Come on.”


Boxes rattled in the bed of the cart full of their things. Youngsoo skipped happily at Seulgi’s side, excitement about returning to their bloc bubbling out of him in a huge grin. Seulgi couldn’t help but feel a flutter of warmth in herself.

The crowd grew the closer they drew. Her mother took Youngsoo’s hand to keep him from getting lost. Seulgi led the way toward their home, offering a smile and a head nod to others who were returning as well.

“We’re here.”

“Come on, mama!” Youngsoo tugged on their mother’s hand and led her inside.

Seulgi looked across the bloc. Nothing looked the same. The bloc would never be how it was - how Seulgi remembered it while growing up. All those memories had been broken apart and patched back together in this cheap imitation of what they used to have. Still, it was home, and she would soon create a new wealth of memories in this place.

Leaving the cart in the front, she walked through the door and her heart quivered. The smell of the new wood reminded her of her father and she wished he was here to see it. Their new home was smaller than the previous. It felt cramped compared to the spacious tavern. But they'd get used to it. They'd adapt. That was the only way they'd survived this far without going crazy.

She wished she could show this to Joohyun. She wished she could share this new beginning with her, let her see that Otherside hadn’t completely given up. They'd bounce back each and every time.

“What do you think?”

She turned to find Jongin leaning against the doorframe to her room. There was a bunk inside for her and Youngsoo. Seulgi knew Jongin bad built it. She’d know his woodwork anywhere. It was sad to think she may never be able to admire his craft again. Not if he was fully dedicated to that uniform.

She looked away. “It's home, I guess.”

“It's all we could do in such a short time.” Boots cracked against the wood as he came to stand next to her. “If you want, my father-”

“I heard you were looking for a girl,” she cut him off.

Jongin’s brow creased. “Yerim told you.”

“What’s so important about a girl?”

“She’s suspect.”

“What will you do if you find her?”

He let out a sigh that deflated his shoulders. Seulgi didn’t miss the uncomfortable grimace that flashed across his face. “I’m under orders, Seulgi. Whether I like it or not.”

She knew what that meant. A bullet. Aimed to kill. “No one forces you to pull a trigger. You do that.”

“Seulgi. Please.” She crossed her arms and he dropped his head. “What I said at the well...It isn’t fair of me to think all of them as demons. I don’t know them and I don’t want them to think that about me if I was ever found on that side of the wall. But when it comes to them or us, I will always pick us. I’ll pick you.”

Seulgi scoffed. “I don’t need you to protect me.”

He moved to stand in front of her, head ducking to find her eyes. “I don’t want to fight with you about this anymore.”

She didn’t either, but every time she saw him, she felt a fear like nothing else. A fear not for herself, but for Joohyun. She couldn't let what happened to the man her mother helped happen a second time. And if that meant keeping distance from Jongin until she was certain Joohyun could be safe, she would.

“I need to help unpack,” she said after a moment. “Thank you for helping. I really am happy to be home.”

“If you need anything else-”

“You should check on Yerim.”

His mouth opened to say something more. Seulgi turned her back, listening to the scuff of his shoes out the door.


The wail of sirens ripped Seulgi from sleep. Not again. Not so soon. Not when things felt like they were slipping back into normalcy.

Seulgi threw herself out of bed. Youngsoo’s bunk was empty. She whirled around, relief striking her when she found him balled up in the corner. She rushed to him. "Shh, shh, it's going to be okay.” Taking him into her arms, she pulled him close against her chest, hand rubbing soothingly at his back. “You're going to be alright."

"Seulgi!" Her mother rushed into the room. "We need to take cover."

Swooping Youngsoo up, she hurried after her mother through the hallway to the safe room at the back of the house that was added on. They squeezed into the small space, bodies curled up right against the floor with heavy blankets pulled over them to shield of debris in case the roof collapsed or the walls were blown in. Again.

Flashes of finding her bloc - her home - in ruins came back to her with the horrible helpless feelings she had in that moment. She had almost put that day behind her. She had almost let herself move on, to settle comfortably into this new house. She should've known better. There was no security in a war zone. There was nowhere truly safe.

"Seul, I'm scared."

Reaching out, she pulled Youngsoo against her, body curved around him like a protective shell. "It's okay to be scared but you have to remember to be brave. Like father. Can you be brave for him?"

Youngsoo nodded. A rumble of an explosion sounded and he squeaked, face burying into Seulgi's chest.

"That was close," her mother whispered.

Too close.

Seulgi's heart quickened. Joohyun was out there. Joohyun was alone.


She rushed into the woods the first chance she got, slipping under the nose of her mother and Yerim who went to the sick houses while Yerim’s mother took Youngsoo and some of the other younger children to a daycare.

The earth was rugged, torn up by boots running through the woods. They led in every which way and into the grove leaving flowers bent and broken and wilted across the field. Seulgi’s chest pounded. They found this place. What if they found-

"Joohyun?" she called out.

No answer.

She crawled into the den on hands and knees, eyes squinting in the barely there light. She held her breath, hoping to release it when she saw Joohyun’s face looking back at her from where she usually sat on her blanket, reading through that old, worn journal with that cute crease in her forehead.

But there was no one there. Most of her things were gone while the rest laid scattered across the ground.

Seulgi’s stomach dropped.

She hurried out of the den, scraping up her knees on the rush. She searched all across the grove, in the dip just behind it and to the deep hollow left from a fallen tree now decaying into the dirt. Rushing to the creek, Seulgi looked. Only shell casings and more footprints were found laid along the shoreline.

There was only one other place Joohyun knew of.

Darting through the trees, Seulgi came up on the lumber yard and ran for the shed. The muggy scent of being shut in and dust blew back at her when she drew open the door to old equipment and piles of wood. Without her dad present, the place hadn’t been kept up or put to its proper use. Only Seulgi had come and gone a few times to fetch her favorite ax before going to the main woodyard or storing the extra blocks.

Her boots crackled over wood chippings as she stepped inside. “Joohyun?”

“Seulgi?” Came a voice.

Seulgi whipped around. A head peeked from inside the supply cabinet. “Joohyun!”

They collided. Hands took Seulgi's face into clammy palms and trembling lips crashed into hers. The kiss shocked her, but she accepted it fully, arms wrapping around Joohyun to bring her closer. She could feel everything with her close. Her warmth, her pulse, her relief. Seulgi didn't want to stop kissing her - didn't want to get over the blazing feeling that was Joohyun still alive and in her arms. She was okay. She was fine.

"I was so scared,” Joohyun panted. Her forehead pressed against Seulgi’s, breath blowing against her face. “I kept hearing voices. They were so close. I didn’t know what else to do so I packed what I could and ran.”

Seulgi frowned. “Your face.” Joohyun winced when Seulgi’s fingers dusted across a darkening bruise blotching close to her eye. “What happened?”

“I fell when I was running.” She showed a raggedy cut up her forearm. “My knees, too.”

Seulgi brought her arm closer to examine it. Flakes of dirt and earth were stuck to her skin. “We need to clean this.”

They sat on a wooden work bench. Water spilled along the grooves as she poured it over the cut from Joohyun’s canteen. Seulgi could feel eyes on her. She looked up chest twisting when she saw the swelling around the bruise. She felt the urge to lean up and kiss it. Seulgi’s face lit up when she remembered that Joohyun’s lips had touched hers just moments ago.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Joohyun pushed on an empty smile. “I don’t think all of the ones in the woods were from Otherside.”

“Are you sure?”

Joohyun nodded with a wince. “They were looking for something - someone.”

Seulgi went cold. Could Farside be looking for a girl, too? Could they be looking for Joohyun? Joohyun looked away. If she was the Chief Secretary's daughter, there was no doubt that they'd want to know what happened to her.

“Yerim told me the soldiers have been looking for a Farside girl.”

Joohyun stilled. “Do you know why?”

Seulgi shook her head. Worry twisted Joohyun’s expression. She couldn't leave her out here like this. Not anymore. “Come to Otherside. No one will know.”

Joohyun blinked up in surprise. “Will your mother allow it?”

“I’m sure she will.” If she had tried to help that man before, surely she'd show the same compassion to Joohyun. “We can talk to her, explain to her about your parents. You can tell her everything you told me. No one else has to know. Just us. We could say you're from a neighboring town.”

“What if she turns me in?”

“She won’t. I won’t let her.”


“There’s an old tavern we stayed in when our bloc was wrecked in the raid. No one will look for you there. You can stay there while I talk to my mom, let her meet you. She won’t be able to say no.”

“Do you think so?”

“I’m sure of it.” Seulgi took Joohyun’s hand into hers. “You’ll be safe with me. I promise.”

Lips touched hers again. Tentatively this time but full of so much thanks and affection. Seulgi felt her own feelings rush out of her, filling her up with a bubbling sensation she hadn't felt toward anyone else. Not like this. She leaned in, begging for more, but Joohyun stopped her.

“Seulgi, there’s something I need to tell you.”


“Before I ran, I packed some of my father’s things.” Reaching into her bag, she took out the old notebook. The spine crinkled as she opened it up to a wrinkled envelope pressed against the pages. “I found this.”

Seulgi took the envelope from Joohyun’s hands. Inside was a bent up slip of stiff parchment. On it was a date yet to come followed by two sets of numbers.

“I know he wrote it. I’d know his writing anywhere, but what I didn’t understand was why It was addressed to your Governor. See.” She flipped the parchment over. Seulgi blinked in surprised confusion. “What? What is it?”

“These numbers, they’re location points.” She learned about them when she was in school. They were numbers that helped planes navigate and pinpointed where strikes should hit.

“What location?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know how to read them.” Taking the note back, she stored it away and tucked the envelope back into the notebook. “Seulgi...I think my father was a spy. I didn’t want to believe it, but this proves it. Doesn’t it? He was trying to give your Governor a message.”

Seulgi’s stomach prickled with nervousness. “This could be a trick. We don’t know what this location is or why this date or why your father really had it.”

“It’s not a trick,” Joohyun hissed. “I’m sorry,” she sighed. “I just don’t want to believe that he died for nothing. I don’t think he’d let them execute him on a trick. He and the Chancellor were friends. He betrayed that. To help Otherside.”

Seulgi looked down at where Joohyun had clutched onto her arm, fingers hard and tight enough to erase the color from her skin. “You’re certain?”

“I have to be.”

“Okay.” Seulgi took Joohyun’s hand, lacing her fingers into hers. “I believe you.”

AN: Hello everyone! It's been a while. Thank you all for hanging in there and waiting for this update. Life has been busy and fast moving as of late. Hope you enjoyed this next chunk. Feel to drop your thoughts, love, theories, or suspicions below. I'll catch you next update.
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