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Title: Familiarity
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Wheein/Hwasa
Summary: In which Wheein is their little plaything and she's just fine with that

Part II: Familiarity

Everything with Hyejin was familiar but it never got old. Always so heavy, so saturated, so visceral. A stark contrast from Moonbyul’s lighthearted fucks and sappy endings and a far reach from the quick, impatent sessions with her voyeuristic unnie.

Perhaps it was from the history they had between them. The yin and yang they created. Afterall, Hyejin was the first one to have her this way.

“What?” Hyejin asked to the grin that suddenly erupted across Wheein’s face.

“How long did you wait for me?”

Hyejin rolled her eyes, a little irritated with Wheein for pulling them out of the moment. “I don’t know.”

“You’re lying.” Wheein stuck out her lip, hips rising to let Hyejin peel her panties down her legs leaving her bare.

Hyejin folded her body on top of her, hips fitting between her thighs. Her skin was like fire from the rolling makeout session they’d just been in. “You already know the answer.”

“Tell me again.”

She blew air past her lips. “Since I met you.”

Wheein chest warmed. “You love me.”

“Shut up.”

Hyejin made sure she did with a press of her mouth. The sensual pout of her lips was delicious and her warm, wet kisses were addictive. Wheein hung onto it, tongue buried in that burning mouth that sucked on her with a hum of delicacy. And just like that, they were back into the moment.

Hands pushed at Wheein’s shoulders, rooting her deeper into the mattress. She hooked a leg around Hyejin’s waist, pulling her ever closer and canted upward. Hyejin chuckled into the kiss at the obvious movement and kissed at the corner of her mouth. Wheein tugged, pulling at her hair to get her to hurry and move up to sit on the throne that was hers so she could lavish her in ecstasy that would have Hyejin melting into her mouth.

“Mmm,” Hyejin hummed, peppering kisses from Wheein’s mouth to her neck where she husked out, “I want you first.” The heat of Hyejin’s breath, the thickness of her voice, the need in her tone made Wheein flood with arousal and warm with affection. “Okay?”

“Okay.” She’d never argue with that but she wasn’t ignorant enough to think this was to cater to her. She knew Hyejin loved having her fun with Wheein just as much as she liked that cheeky tongue buried inside of her.

And Wheein was more than okay with that.

“Okay.” Hyejin kissed her once more before she instructed her to, “sit on the edge of the bed,” and pulled away to fetch something from the dresser.

Wheein perched herself where she was told, eyes watching Hyejin step into a harness and secure a piece to the end. When she turned, Wheein’s eyes widened.

Hyejin grinned at her surprise, hips swaying as she made her way over. “Do you like it?”

Wheein nodded, admiring the deep, violet color on the strap-on, the veins along its length, and the swelling thickness larger than ones they’d used before. It was a new addition to the collection and Wheein’s stomach jolted in excitement to use it for the first time.

“When did you…?”

She ruffled Wheein’s hair with a sweet, “Surprise.”

Hips eased forward, letting the tip of the head tap at Wheein’s lips, prodding them until she opened her mouth and swallowed half of the cock. Eyes turned up to look at the lioness above her, golden mane disheveled in the sexiest of ways. Cream painted nails curled around the back of Wheein’s neck, holding her steady as she screwed her mouth with long, slow strokes, veiny ridges rubbing against her lips now glossy from her own drool that slipped down her chin.

"You love that, don't you? Having a mouth full of cock?”

Wheein whimpered her response, peering up through lashes at Hyejin’s haunty smirk as she eased in ever deeper to sink the length down Wheein’s throat and back out. Brown eyes went black once the tip left Wheein’s mouth. A line of spit connected her lips to the head. Wheein lapped it away with a slow drag of the tongue.

"Get on your knees.”

Wheein obeyed and crawled up to take her place at the center of the mattress, bent over and ready. The anticipation of what was to come, of how that piece was about to fill her up, made the mess between her legs even sloppier.

The mattress dipped as another pair of knees sank into it and hands slipped over Wheein’s hips. A trail of kisses lined her back, following the rivets of her spine down to the split of her ass. Something slimy and hot touched at the puckered ring there and Wheein wasn't quick enough to choke her moan.

Hyejin did it again, tonguing that secret spot that made Wheein’s legs quiver and her sex ache. She sighed out, high pitched and breathy - something only Hyejin could draw from her because she knew. Oh, she knew. Knew how to spiral her tongue into tight, tight, tightness and play around without shame.

Wheein couldn’t hold still. She squirmed, whining for more, more, Please, Hyejin, more. Hips pushed back against a hot mouth and Hyejin granted her a swift pierce of the tongue. Wheein squeaked, back arching and head tossing back as that tongue rotated and drove in deeper, teasing all those sensitive nerve endings that fired off like lightning strikes through her stomach and to her clit making it pulse in desperate need.

“H- Hyejin,” she gasped out when she thrusted her tongue its deepest. She almost came right then.

But Hyejin was suddenly gone and Wheein shuddered at the loss of contact. She hummed when it returned as a body draped over her back, hot and heavy, and hands dipped around to her chest, fingers stimulating pinks tips. Hips pressed against her from behind, easing the cock between her thighs so it rested against her clit. Hyejin rubbed the length against her, toying with her clit with those long strokes the way she’d done her mouth.

Wheein couldn't take it anymore. “Hyejin-ah,” she whimpered sweetly.

“Hm?” she purred by her ear before taking the soft skin there into her mouth. A tongue played at the lines of her ear, tracing the curves and dipping into the crevices. It drove Wheein crazy. Hyejin knew it drove her crazy. And Wheein suddenly wondered how many of these little things she kept to herself so no one else could use them but her.

“Please, please, I-” she lost her words when teeth bit into her earlobe, shooting prickles down her neck. Down her spine. To her ass that now felt neglected and empty. “I need- “ Hyejin rolled against her clit in a sharp motion, her own wetness making it slippery slick. “I need you. I need you-” she finally got out. “Please.”

She heard Hyejin’s sigh like moan. She loved hearing Wheein beg for her. Loved breaking her resolve, loved making her desperate for her. Only her. She knew Wheein turned belly up like this for no other but her. Not her unnies. Not anyone. And she made sure Wheein showed that every time they were together.

“You know you’re mine, right?”

She was. Hyejin claimed her first and no one else could take that from her. Wheein wouldn't have it any other way.


Hyejin pulled back and rewarded her answer with a swift entrance, filling her up nice and thick. Wheein’s moan bubbled out of her loud and unabashed, enthralled with the way the new girth stretched her out. Just right. Veins rubbed against walls in a slow grind, torturing her with pleasure just shy of letting her obtain that high she could feel right there - right out of her reach.

“Do you like it?” she asked, rolling into her slowly to ease her into the new feeling.

“Yes.” So much.

The hands on her chest kneaded her, pinching hard. Wheein bit her lip at the pain and crinkled her eyes at the bliss that chased right after, tightening her stomach and milking her sex in a smooth glaze that spread along her inner thighs.

“More than Unnie More than-” she pulled back, “-Byul?” she accented with a hard thrust to the hilt.

She struggled to find air to put back in her lungs to reply with a broken, “Y- yes. Yes.”

Hyejin hummed her approval and kissed her neck with a sweet, “I know,” before she let herself loose, driving with strokes that shook Wheein entirety.

Wheein dropped, catching herself on forearms. Hands clenched the comforter turning knuckles white. A finger pressed into the hypersensitive bud between cheeks and Wheein saw colors spark on the back of her eyelids.

“I love you like this,” Hyejin purred. “Love everything about you. Love you.”

Her words continued on, broken and jumbled, lost in her own euphoria of having Wheein like this. All to herself. All needy and blubbering and dripping all to herself.

She rocked into the mattress, face buried in the blanket, teeth biting down on the fibers with the chant of Hyejin’s name on her lips. A hand gripped onto her hair and yanked, pulling her up so her muffled voice sang loud and true as pleasure peaked and exploded.

Her moans painted the room and echoed into the halls for anyone listening to hear. Hyejin held her there, stroking out note after note, abusing her senses with the rhythm of her body until Wheein’s voice turned raspy and she finally let her go.

She crumbled onto the bed, whimpering when she felt herself pull free of the piece. Buckles rattled and leather dropped away. Hands rubbed at her back, soothing her along with soft kisses across her shoulders and the back of her neck.

“Wheein-ah.” Hyejin sounded incredibly sweet, the dark edge in her tone gone away.

Reaching back, Wheein tugged at Hyejin’s wrist until it was draped over her waist and Hyejin formed to her back in a close knit.

“Byul said she could do that, too.”

“Can she?”

“Can she?” Wheein teased back. Hyejin bit at her shoulder and Wheein giggled. She liked teasing Hyejin’s pride. She always took it like a little kid. “I want to try something. With both of you together.”

“Tell me.”

Wheein smirked. “Shower first. Okay?”

Hyejin sighed in faux annoyance but nodded. “Okay.”


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