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Title: Knight
Rating: PG
Pairing: Hwasa/Wheein
Summary: There was no length Hyejin wouldn’t go to keep Wheein safe.
AN: Inspired by this headcanon


Water poured, spilling over Wheein’s shoulders and dripping like streams down her back. Hyejin lathered shampoo onto her hands and rubbed it into Wheein’s hair. She was delicate, running her fingers through thick, golden brown, messaging the soap into her scalp with kneading presses, before letting it rinse out.

“It’s all out,” she said.

Wheein turned around, her deep brown eyes looking up at her through thin lashes. Her face was pale - so pale - and her parted lips were cracked. Hyejin licked her thumb and pressed it to the bottom one, smoothing the lines out of pink that stood out vibrantly against the whites of the shower.

A hand caught her wrist and Hyejin looked down, gaze tracing the blotches of purple that disrupted the skin on Wheein’s arms. A fire swarmed in her stomach that flooded into her chest and seeped through her neck making her rigid. Her lips pursed, eyes darkening in a fury she could not control.


She blinked back to steady eyes. Hyejin wished it helped to calm her - wished Wheein’s stare brought her peace. But it didn’t. There was no warmth left in there to grab hold of and pull into herself. There was just cold, dark, sadness that left Wheein choking and Hyejin suffering just the same.

“Let’s towel off.” She started to step from the shower but Wheein held her tight.

She opened her mouth to protest, to say she should go to bed. It was late and she could see the weight of exhaustion etched into the dark bags beneath Wheein’s eyes and feel the beckons of sleep calling for her to give in. But a body pressed into hers and Hyejin’s words were lost in her throat.

Arms strung around her waist, pulling her in, bringing their bodies flush together. Skin met skin, cold met cold. Hyejin responded, arms looping around her neck, tucking Wheein’s face into her chest where a nose smoothed across her collarbone before her cheek rested against her heart.

Shoulders quaked and Hyejin stood firm. “It’s okay,” she whispered into her hair, letting warm tears pepper against her naked chest. She smoothed her hand up and down a damp spine. “It’s okay. Everything is going to be okay.”

Wheein nodded against her and pulled away to step from the tub. Hyejin switched off the water, eyes watching wispy swirls of red fade down the drain. She turned away from them, grabbed a towel, and got them dry.

It was only by blankets and Hyejin curled up against her that Wheein felt warm again. She laid there for seemingly hours, listening to Wheein’s breath fade out into even puffs and her own heart hammering deafeningly in her ears. Time ticked by and she almost hated to leave Wheein’s side, but she had to. There were things she needed to do. Needed to finish.

Goose bumps dusted Wheein’s skin as Hyejin pulled away. She tucked the blanket around her tight and padded across the room, opening the closet to find a set of clothes. It was cold out, frigid enough to make her bones rattle and not even the thick coat she put on could trap it out.

“I want to come with you.”

Hyejin jumped at the sound of Wheein’s voice. Moonlight caught the gold in her hair, lighting her up into an ethereal thing. How ironic to look so pure amongst the demons that now swarmed around them. Around her.

“No,” said Hyejin.

Wheein sat up. “I’m coming, too.”

There was a force in her voice and a comfort in her demand. Hyejin could only nod and watch Wheein get up and dress.

Loading into the car, they drove. Far, far out. Until the air tasted of salt and the wind rushed up off the waves, combing through their hair and biting at the skin beneath their coats.

“Stay here.” Wheein caught her wrist. Hyejin peered over her shoulder. She cupped her face, stroking her cheek with her thumb. “I’ll be right back.”

Wheein shook her head and then she pulled. Hyejin let gravity bring her down, let the tug of the earth and the pull of the heart mold them together with lips in a tentative kiss. Heat returned, sure and true, wrapping around the icicles in Hyejin’s chest and she shivered in the rush it all brought.

She pulled back with reluctant protest from within. They could work what they were, who they’d become. Right now, Hyejin took away what she knew Wheein was trying to say in that kiss.

“Together,” Hyejin muttered.

Wheein nodded, moving both of their heads. “Together.”

The trunk popped and Hyejin yanked. Black plastic rustled as it hit the ground in a heavy drop. Bruised knuckles complimented her crimson smudged ones around the bag. Eyes caught one another and for a moment Hyejin felt a flurry of panic. She saw the previous scene flash across her eyes. The yelling, the pushing, the flicker of silver, the splatters of red, the wide, terrified eyes, the lifeless skin.

Her heart raced. What had they done? What had she done?”

“Hyejin,” Wheein called out to her.

She blinked back tears threatening to surface and focused on the girl before her. Her favorite person. She saw her standing there, tint of red in her cheeks, breath in her lungs, and warmth in her veins. She was still here - Wheein was still here. And she’d do whatever it took to keep her safe. She did do what it took to keep her safe.

Using all her strength, Hyejin pulled. Wheein followed suit, dragging dead weight across the pier, the distance seemingly much greater as muscles began to ache and her throat seared as she panted in the cold that lit her lungs like the burn of kerosene.

Reaching the edge, they let the bag go. Water splattered, echoing like thunder. Ripples fanned out across the surface growing ever smaller and smaller until there was nothing left but a placid sheet of glossy blackness.

Fingers touched her ands Hyejin opened her palm to let Wheein lace their hands together. She knew Wheein could feel her shaking just the same as she felt the dampness on Wheein’s palms. A head fell against her shoulder.

“It’s over,” she whispered, voice trailing the air in a wispy, white puff.

Wheein turned, hiding her face away in Hyejin’s neck. “Thank you.”

It was over.

“Let’s go home.”

And she would never regret it.

Date: 2017-01-26 04:21 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)

Welcome back from your hiatus! This is definitely a great New Year present (and my birthday gift) hee^.^

I think the song One More Day by Sistar and Giorgio Moroder captures the feel of this fic. I sort of feel that the bastard who dares to lay hands on Wheein is a guy. Somehow it is hard to imagine a girl doing that, yet who knows.

It is great to see you writing again. Sometime we need to take some time off before we can get back on what we were doing. So don't worry about your unfinished fics, I just love to read whatever you have. haha

See you soon. And Happy Chinese New Year. Hope you can get lucky with fortune cookies or angpow packets!

~~random anon~~

Date: 2017-01-29 03:40 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hi! Happy New Year, Happy Birthday, and Happy Chinese New Year to you!
It has been a rocky hiatus. I'm slowly, slowly getting my groove back and finding drive and all that good stuff. Writing short stuff like this is helping work out the artistic muscles.

I actually had that song in mind when I was writing this! I loved the MV, and if I showed the extent of wheesa, it would be sort of like those two.

Thank you for reading and commenting. I'll get back to those unfinished things at some point because it feels wrong to just leave'em hangin when the end is so near.

Thanks again :D


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