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Title: From Past To Present
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Wheein/Moonbyul
Summary: In which Wheein is their little plaything and she's just fine with that.

Part I: From Past To Present

A hand smoothed up her stomach and Wheein remembered a time when she was eighteen and Moonbyul's hands weren't so bold nor steady the first time she touched her, fingers a little shaky as they picked at a button and zipper, and muscles coiled tight.

That memory felt like eons ago but it was one Wheein would never forget. Because it started this. It was just the beginning of what had developed between them - the four of them - with Wheein placed at the very center.

Fingers fanned out across her ribs and continued their journey to her chest where a nipple caught between two of those slender fingers with a delicate squeeze. Wheein rolled her hips along the stomach she straddled, clit grazing against taut abs in teasing friction. The wetness already pooled from swollen lips made it all the more delicious, and just the sight of coating Moonbyul's skin up in her mess was enough to pull the moan she tried to trap in her throat from her mouth when fingers pinched harder against a stiff tip.

“Ah- unnie,” she hissed.

Moonbyul grinned, kneading her breasts in admiration. “Sensitive,” she muttered when Wheein let out a purr of satisfaction.

She was and she always found herself quickly brought to that resting edge with Moonbyul. A hidden talent she possessed. Or maybe Wheein just really liked the soft yet rough way Moonbyul dealt with her. That mix of sharp yanks, painful pinches, marking bites, and gripping hands with butterfly kisses, sweet laps at sensitive skin, hums of praise, and gliding fingers.

Had she been Wheein’s first, she didn't think she would've ever strayed. But pleasure was addictive and being handed off between the others who loved her in their own ways, claiming her and using her with their own specialties, was everything Wheein wanted, needed, and loved.

“Unnie,” she whined, a hint of pout in her voice.

Moonbyul clamped one of her nipples and pulled, yanking Wheein down. Elbows and forearms caught herself on the mattress on either side of Moonbyul's head and lips enveloped the abused peak, soothing the sting left there from her arousingly rough tug.

She hummed into her chest, the low vibration tickling at Wheein’s nerves. Hands smoothed down her back, short nails grazing her spine and curved around the swell of her ass with a push that pressed Wheein harder into her.

Her groan left her in a lazy whine. Head tilting, she brought her face down to look into the dark eyes below her. A parted mouth let out streams of air and Wheein pressed their foreheads together so she could look into them.

“Do you remember when we trained together?” asked Wheein. Moonbyul’s grin mirrored hers.

She didn’t mean training along with the others. She meant before them. When she was fourteen and Moonbyul was sixteen and the older girl was awkwardly charming with her lanky arms not yet refined and polished into the control of the dancer she was now.

They kissed in a practice room - the first girl other than her best friend Wheein had ever kissed. She giggled and laughed and blushed while Moonbyul tried to play it cool but her neck burned and her ears were ruby. It was short and sweet but it was electric.

It flipped a dormant switch that threw her into the arms of her best friend soon later and erupted when they were reunited under a new label and thrown together with a group that found a connection beyond the one they built out of performance and hype of being on a stage.

Now here they were, a sneaky hand coasting between their bodies to find her clit, swollen and needy. Wheein grinded down against them, face turned into Moonbyul’s neck where she left soft pecks along a pronounced vein before taking a mouth full of skin in a suck.

She curled fingers against Moonbyul’s head so ash blonde strands twirled around her fingers and touched lips with her own like it was the first time all over again. But they weren't little anymore, and Moonbyul kissed with puppy like nips that sent sparks to Wheein’s core. She rolled as she kissed, tongue snaking into Moonbyul’s hot mouth, tasting her all juicy and wet and pressed in deeper so their teeth clinked.

The rhythm of their hips wavered as they deepened the link, wet mouths slipping and tongues stroking out for a taste. Wheein whined when fingers slid inside her, stretching elastic flesh, and rubbed against velvety ridges. Moonbyul filled her up good. Something Hyejin would never do like this. Her nails were like razors but her toys - god, her toys - they were heavenly strapped to those shapely hips.

"Don't cheat on me while my fingers are in you."

Wheein bit into her grin. "Are you jealous?"

"I could fuck you like that, too."

Wheein groaned. She knew Moonbyul could. Had done it at Hyejin's request while she spectated from a front row seat in the room, giving demands like a director.

She felt Moonbyul push up with her shoulders. Wheein eased her back down, her head shake shivering wisps of hair against Moonbyul’s face.

"I want you,” she muttered.

So that's what Moonbyul gave.

She drove in, fingers to the base with a slight curve. Wheein's mouth pulled back into a grin, brow creased in pleasure as she bounced, riding those fingers with swirling hips.

“Ah,” Moonbyul breathed. Her eyes were glazed over in heated arousal and dazed as she muttered to herself, “so wet.”

Wheein lifted up to brace her hands on either side of Moonbyul’s head letting her see just how wet she was, just how glossy wet her entire hand and abs were. Eyes turned up at her in bewilderment and Wheein ate it up. She let it fuel her, hips canting back and forth with stringy moans as she rode this better angle that allowed her clit to grind the heel of Moonbyul’s hand on each thrust.

The last of the strings began to tighten, pulling at Wheein’s stomach and tugging her fast to breaking point. A hand wrapped around to palm at her ass. Wheein waited for it. Waited for that playful hand to rough up thickness before she reeled back and slapped her palm against her.

The sting of the spank cut the string and Wheein let go, hands fisting blankets and hips swirling until the rush ended and her bones were limp.

She panted, head tilted down with messy strings of hair, watching as Moonbyul pulled her fingers out and smoothed them across her stomach. Wheein licked her lips at the thought of cleaning up that creamy skin with her tongue.

A sticky finger touched her forehead. “You’re so cute when you cum.”

Wheein punched her in the shoulder and buried her face into her chest, embarrassment getting the best of her. She was spent but she wasn't selfish. She lodged her hand between them, found Moonbyul’s sopping cunt and buried her fingers in deep.

It didn't take much. With Moonbyul, it never did take much. Knuckles protruded, sharp and white around Wheein’s shoulders, nails digging into her skin. Her moans were soft and gentle and her face was tight and twisted.

Teeth clenched, sharpening the line of her jaw. Wheein dusted it with kisses, trailing up to capture her mouth at the same time she felt warmth tighten around her fingers and squeeze, holding her inside until pulses eased and her body relaxed into the mattress.

Drawing fingers out, Wheein took Moonbyul’s face in her hands, kissing what little breath was left in her lungs right out of her.

A hand pushed at her and she let up, giggling. “You’re pretty when you cum.”

Moonbyul’s nose wrinkled and her ears flared crimson. Wheein cackled as she was shoved away, body collapsing into the sheets. Fingers stabbed at her, going for all the places to tickle her until what energy they had left evaporated and she found herself smashed against Moonbyul’s body, legs tangled and skin sticky against skin.

A head buried in her chest and arms held her close, holding her tight.

“You’re a lot more romantic than unnie.” Something no one would probably expect from their leader.

Moonbyul pinched her. “Sleep.”

“Okay.” She kissed Moonbyul once more. “Okay.”
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