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Title: LIttle Secrets
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Moonbyul/Hwasa
Summary: It's the little things that make a difference.
Warning: g!p

Little Secrets

Moonbyul held her breath. She tried to find words to say. Something. Anything. But she was struck speechless, watching as Hyejin unsheathed her length from her pants and held it in her hand like it was second nature.

Those ever intense eyes stared, examining her like an artifact and admiring her like a work of art. "You're pretty, unnie."

Hyejin ran her fingers down Moonbyul's length, nails grazing the skin just lightly. The tip of her thumb smoothed over the swell of the head and traced the ball of a silver piecing that stuck out from the slit.

"Unnie told me about this but-" She gave the piercing a small flick. Moonbyul jerked at the current that shot through her making her cock throb. "I didn't want to believe her. I like it."

Thumb against the silver ball on the underside, Hyejin brought Moonbyul into her mouth. Her tongue hit jewelry first, tracing around it, lapping at the bead of cum there, and swirled the head in a delicious tease before lifting off.

Her lips peeled back in a grin when she looked up to find Moonbyul breathing hard through her nose. "You're really sensitive with this, huh?"


That mouth returned, blazing and wet. Lips grazed skin, up and down, all around aided by sensual sucks and a playful tongue.

Moonbyul sank deeper into the couch, one hand fisted in the collar of Hyejin's shirt while the other covered her eyes. She couldn't believe. She couldn't fucking believe this was happening. Couldn't believe how tense she already was, how close she already was.

Hyejin chuckled, vibration rippling through her length, and swallowed as much as she could. Moonbyul felt the bottom of her piercing graze the back of Hyejin's tongue, felt the intense heat against the tip of her cock from Hyejin's throat, felt cheeks lock around and suck her nice and hard.

Moonbyul pushed at her shoulder, dragging herself back. Metal caught on Hyejin's bottom teeth, keeping her from pulling out. She opened her mouth to groan out a warning, but Hyejin held firm as creamy lines coated the inside of her mouth, dripping along her tongue and splattering cheeks. She slurped, easing herself off Moonbyul's cock and smacked her lips with a swallow.

"Sorry," Moonbyul muttered through thick breaths. She was buzzing and burning and flushing all at once.

Hyejin shook her head. "It's much better like this, isn't it, unnie?"

Moonbyul groaned and covered her red face with her hands. "I can't believe she told you."

Hyejin laughed and climbed up to straddle Moonbyul’s lap. "It's okay. Wheein only knows my secret."

Stealing one of Moonbyul's hands from her face, she pressed it to the supple swell of her chest and dragged it down so fingertips found the bump of a hidden barbell through a stiff tip.

She moaned and Moonbyul snapped her eyes up, shocked.

Hyejin smirked. "I'm sensitive, too."
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